You probably already know what you need to do to get back your body & health... eating better, exercising more, de-stressing. 

But sometimes just getting started is the hardest part! 

That's exactly why I am offering you my

Hi, I'm Lyndall, certified Health Coach and your host for the 7 Day Healthy Habits Guide. 

Believe me, I understand just how hard it can be to lead a healthy lifestyle when you're sooo busy, stuck in a rut, and feeling you are on your own. 

The thing is, if you want to finally get back your slimmer, sexier body, have more energy and of course set yourself up for a lifetime of vibrant health... 

You need to start building the habits that will get you there, one day at a time.....

  You need to "START"!

This 7-Day Guide will help you kickstart your health goals to feel your best, no matter how busy you are! 

During these 7 days I'll show you real-life, practical habits you can incorporate into your day quickly and easily to start making progress towards your health goals. 

There's no time-consuming research, overly restrictive dieting, on the spot dares, complex workouts or recipes. But you WILL have my support and guidance every step of the way (including one FREE consult to discuss your health goals & hurdles)

This 7-Day Guide will help you kickstart your health goals to feel your best, no matter how busy you are! 

Are you ready to embrace some simple habits that will help you begin to establish the balanced, healthy lifestyle you desire? 

Sign up for the 7-Day Healthy Habits Guide today... and take the first step towards the slimmer, happier, healthier you!  

Comments from previous 7 Day Challenge: 

- "I feel great! Sleeping better and I have lost 1kg! Woohoo!" - "'Im feeling a lot healthier & haven't had any sugar all week not even a craving. Drinking more water in between meals " - "Reading your posts here made me re-think the way I had been going about my daily habits, thankful for your suggestions!" - "I have eaten breakfast every day which doesn't always happen" 

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