Is your New Years Resolution to lose weight?

Doing it alone can be hard!

If you are serious about losing weight then I AM THE GIRL! 

Get qualified Guidance, Support, Accountability & Motivation from a Certified Health Coach 

2020 is your year to LOOK & FEEL FABULOUS 

28 days of support to start 2020 off how you dreamed!

If you want to get back in shape & feel more energised without feeling deprived then let me help you get back on track the RIGHT way.

The 28 Day Flourishing, Fit & Fab Group Program is run several times/year but you can get my help one on one  

Let’s face it, change isn’t always easy, is it? 

We have good intentions of eating healthy & exercising, but other things seem to get in the way.  

Habits can be difficult to change on our own. If you have failed weight loss attempts in the past, it’s likely because the changes & restrictions weren’t something you could live with long term. It’s not your fault!

This is where I can make a difference, to give you support and guidance along the way, help you implement simple strategies to jumpstart your weight loss goals & incorporate healthy habits that set you up for long-term SUCCESS.  

During the 28 Days Group Program you'll get:

Start with a 5 Day jumpstart

Yummy meal replacements and low GI meal ideas with supporting supplements. This will help reduce cravings, reduce blood sugar levels, cleanse intestinal tract, reduce appetite, reset bad eating habits


more info here

Additional products (see below) $123

Continue with a 10 Day Cleanse 

Full meal Plan with yummy recipes and shopping list. Also snack, smoothie & juice recipes and supportive supplements & products. This Cleanse will gently flush toxins, support the liver, reduce inflammation, increase your energy levels & continue to reduce carb cravings  


more info here 

28 Days of Guidance, support, accountability, motivation & inspiration! 

from a Certified Health Coach (that would be me!) focussing on simple, key transformational strategies that WILL make a difference. Templates & worksheets to make tracking your success easy!



Community Support with access to a private FB Group 

The private FB Group is where you get easy-to-follow, sustainable advice, practical tips & motivation, weekly weigh-ins/ measurments. The "Group" Program allows you to all support, motivate, keep accountable, learn & grow together ... and I'll be giving Great PRIZES  



- a 30 minute personal consult call to talk about your personal health concerns and goals

- Facetime/Group Facebook live calls to check in, answer questions, celebrate successes & discuss hurdles 

- Group Program PRIZES for the most involved and inspiring member of the facebook group 

- Extra 28 day supply antioxidant/multimineral & fish oil valued at $123 at no extra cost! 

- And Lifetime Access to my Private FB Group "Cleanse Continued" excusive to participants of the 10 Day Cleanses 

Total value $768 for 28 days Support & Products

Yes, I want to succeed in 2020, Let's do this together!                    $597 (save $171)

Wondering just what sort of person you will be dealing with? 

I've been coaching for over 6 years now, but long before I became a Health Coach, I helped people with their weight and health concerns with quality supplements and meal replacements. 

I tend to have a motherly way about me and the happiness I get out of helping, in partiular women, become aware of how they CAN become more vibrant, energetic and healthier is honestly the best feeling in the world to me. 

I don't focus on calorie counting, and don't belieive in a quick fix/fad diet - they NEVER work long term! Believe me I was in that phase for many years. The enjoyment of good, healthy, whole food is the basis of a healthy weight, focus on health first & weight loss naturally follows! 

Yes there are many reasons why weight loss can be stubborn, including hormone imbalance, gut microbiome imbalance, nutrient imbalance, excess toxins and stress and these need to be taken into account holistically. Nourishing your body with good food, appropriate exercise, stress management and nutritional supplements can bring amazing results for an unbalanced, out of whack body.

I like to work personally with my clients - no one person/body is the same and different appraches that may work for one person may not work for others. Some of my clients have had great results with meal replacements and intermittent fasting and of course my signature 10 Day FreshStart Cleanse but I know the basis of weight management is always learning to love healthy food and replace healthy delicious food with those foods that are bringing your health down and weight up.

This Program is a specific combination of above, allowing you to get the benefits of various steps throughtout the 28 days

Testimonials from my various programs

"You have been sent 2 pictures, the first one taken I was 95kg and now I am 76. The programme has been so very easy. The extra bonus has been that, after 5 years, I am no longer taking tablets to control sugar diabetes. This has been done after talking to my GP about the programme and I still monitor my sugar level daily. He has taken a keen interest in my results! glucose level is now 5.6 – 5.8. I am just so over the moon regarding this. I go to my doctor for a check-up next Wednesday and I can hardly wait for him to get the results.... Drs. check up and long term sugar test was excellent = 6.1 (was originally 15) and my cholesterol was 3.2! He was “chuffed” and so was I! ..... Whatever this day is I am now 75KG. Keep looking at the scales and thinking maybe my eyesight is failing – that the reading might be 95Kg but no, glasses are working well." Pam Jumpstart & Reset 2011

Just want to say a huge thank you for your support this week Lyndall 😊 I have learnt lots, lost 1.6kg and got rid of 9 cms off my tummy! Very happy and feeling great x" Leasia Cleanse 2017  

"..all went really well... best detox I've ever done! And lots of super tips that I am definitely carrying on with xxx" Nikki  

"BIG SHOUT OUT TO Lyndall! Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn and grow on this detox. I have learnt how to make my food healthier and to read labels and make heather decisions. I have already done another meal plan for the next week, wouldn’t want to spoil it now! The food was pleasant to eat and make. I never had a hard moment. Lyndall was always there to give (and receive) advise. I will be keeping this up. It is now a way of life. Experts say it takes 21 days to get into a routine... I plan to go longer. All the best for future Detoxes Lyndall, I will be coming back for more xx" Amanda - Cleanse 2017  

"Thank you Lyndall for a real chance of living healthy. The recipes were easy and the ones I did were delish and will definitely find a place in my reportire. I feel great with very little pain and a 2kg weight loss.... All in all it was an excellent experience with little or no side effects. Thanks again and well done". Michelle 2017  

The 7 day detox was really great for me. I got rid of 3kg and has put me on a great eating plan and I loved the recipes. Margy cleanse 2017) 

"Lyndall is a most caring person with an incredible depth of knowledge on all matters related to health. She combines this with a truly personalised approach to help you through the process. Getting healthy is a great ideal but putting it into practice can be a far harder thing. With Lyndall on your side with encouragement, helpful tips and her never ending recipes, it really makes it so easy. Thanks Lyndall, you are a great inspiration.” Ian Cleanse 2016  

“Lyndall was magnificent throughout the detox! She never failed to provide me with ample support and information, explaining thoroughly the importance of a detox and any side effects I may have, before they kicked in. This left me with no surprises and most importantly, I felt I could approach Lyndall anytime with any questions which came to mind, as she was so approachable and genuinely interested in my wellbeing. Since doing the detox twice, friends and family have not stopped commenting on how good I am looking after losing a bit of puppy fat! I am feeling the greatest I have in years and several family members even say I look my best ever! Thank you Lyndall!” Ashleigh Cleanse 2016  

This is a must-do DETOX. I felt fantastic during & after the DETOX. Energy levels were up & felt light & alert throughout. Get on it! Alvin Cleanse 2016

" I feel great! Sleeping better and I have lost .....! Woohoo!"

"I'm feeling a lot healthier & I haven't had any sugar all week not even a craving. Drinking more water in between meals "

"Reading your posts here made me re-think the way I had been going about my daily habits...thankful for your suggestions!"  

Yes, I'd like some help! $597 for 28 Days                   Support and Products

Disclaimer: This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness or disease. The information provided in this program is for general educational purposes, has not been reviewed nor approved by the TGA or FDA and is not intended to take the place of advice from your medical professional, licensed dietician or nutritionist. You are solely responsible for your health care and activity choices. Participation in this Program does not constitute a client-coach relationship.

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