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"Healthy Bub Hub" FREE Health Coach Support Program

Hi I'm Lyndall, a certified Health Coach. I have been specialising in weight loss and Cleanses for many years now. Throughout my years I have developed a love for working with young women and a passion for helping create a healthy conception, pregnancy and the miracle of life

This passion has brought about this Support Program.... I want to help as many young mums out there with support, education and motivation to nourish your little one

Being a mum often means overwhelm, sleep deprivation, time deprivation, and reduced income. So I am offering this space where you can get my support and experience in health, in short quick to read posts with links to backup studies and research that won't cost you a cent!

I will give tips and info on things like how to get through the cold/flu season, fussy eaters, what to look out for as far a chemicals, toxins and damaging foods, healthy alternatives including yummy Gluten Free, Sugar Free recipes and I will help you create healthy habits and lifestyle your whole family can continue with.

And on top of that you have the opportunity to meet, mingle and get to know other mums with little ones. Get support, discuss similar issues and create ongoing friendships!  

Kind words from some of my gorgeous clients:

"I like the content and it is helping me with the 2 girls. It is useful because I love the research and science based information and advice and in our busy lives these days I don't have a chance to look up & read millions of things. So you are doing that busy work for me and providing the info I want" Kaila

"Any Mums looking for health support for the family and possible meal plans Lyndall was my health coach before I fell pregnant and is an amazing support. Would highly recommend 😊 " Leasia

My partner and I did a detox guided by Lyndall and we have never felt better. The recipes were easy and delicious and fit in with our busy world! Thanks Lyndall for all of your knowledge and support! Greg (prior to conception of gorgeous Scarlett)

“Thank you Lyndall for being far more than a Coach! Unlike most paid services, you were an exception without limits to the time you offered to me, you gave me so much more than I expected or could ever expect. I feel fortunate to be blessed by your presence and support and may you touch many lives as you did mine. “ Sonam

“Lyndall is a most caring person with an incredible depth of knowledge on all matters related to health. She combines this with a truly personalised approach to help you through the process. Getting healthy is a great ideal but putting it into practice can be a far harder thing. With Lyndall on your side with encouragement, helpful tips and her never ending recipes, it really makes it so easy. Thanks Lyndall, you are a great inspiration.” Ian

Come check it out..... it's FREE for a limited time

Nutritional info

Yummy, healthy recipes

Support & Community

  • Easy to read info on nutrition and environment relating to your precious little one's and whole family's health.
  • Tips & info on organic, gluten, dairy, intolerances, allergies etc 
  • Tips on environmental chemicals and how to improve the health your home environment
  • Tips and info on fussy eaters, healthy food choices 
  • Healthy family-friendly recipes, mostly: 
  • Sugar Free 
  • Gluten Free 
  • Dairy Free options
  • Tips for swapping unhealthy ingredients for a healthier version

A Private FB Group where:

  • I (or if applicable one of the other mums) can answer your queries 
  • Everyone can share parenting tips and discuss mum topics
  • You can make new friends in a like minded community.  
  • Monthly group catchup online or "in the flesh" at a suitable venue - depending on attendance
  • Monthly Promo day 

I also offer 5-day meal plans including shopping list with healthy, easy prep, family-friendly, balanced meals that will be sure to leave your toddler and hubby nourished and happy. 

Nothing fancy - Nothing complicated - Nothing expensive. 

Mostly Sugar Free, Gluten Free and option of Dairy Free. Feel free to discuss more about this with me.

Get some tips, grab some recipes, mingle with mums

"Children learn from seeing healthy lifestyles modelled positively and enthusiastically by the important people in their lives"

“one in four children in Australia are classed overweight"

"Overweight children are more likely to grow up into overweight adults, who face all the health risks that carrying excess weight can bring"

"Good nutrition during the toddler years is essential to support the important period of physical, cognitive and social development"

"Toxic chemicals and pollutants can affect kids’ brain development including autism" 

"Todays generation are predicted to have shorter life expectancies than their parents"

Come check it out  - it's free for a limited time

Please feel free to contact me for any queries you might have 

0439971079 -

 I am a Ceretified Health Coach, have studied but not completed a Bachelor of Nutritional Medicine. I am not a medical professional. 

This Program is not a substitute for direct, personal coaching, professional medical care or diagnosis.